Sunday, October 7, 2007


A random picture of the future birthday parties, 40 seven year olds watching an old Disney western
That's just funny...
...and that is beautiful!
I shout out to all the ladies...
Feeding the llama, a little too big for comfort
Lady of NO fear - well, as far as feeding four legged animals
Smooching with the kiddies

It's not entirely clear to me what a petting zoo has to do with Thomas, but I suppose kids like both...

The Nilsens and Thomas
I'm off, on the Trans Siberian Railroad

The happy traveler
Cool stuff
With the official certificate, he's a bona fide Thomas engineer...
Mother - daughter bonding, on an antique train carriage
All it takes to make a two year old happy
Not exactly the Fat Controller, but as close as we could get, bar a guy in a fat suit (well, make that a Sir Topham Hat suit)

" it still raining? I hadn't noticed." I am SO blissed out in my balloon airplane hat, you see...

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