Wednesday, October 17, 2007

A Last Sprawl at the Beach

Fall is finally here, but with temperatures matching a nice Norwegian summer day we loaded the vikings in to the car and headed east to the beach, at Lewes DE
At the beach opposite the Lewes lighthouse
Hanging with farmor
Flying our patriotic kite over the dunes

Building the castle
One excited viking

Only the boys made it in to the sea, at 19C (66F) it was actually not too bad once we were in...


Anonymous said...

o.k. now stop it, you guys are just trying to make us all MOVE, aren't you...
from Maria

Anonymous said...

would be nice...;)

Anonymous said...

AUNTIE, the anonymous, says that #3 had better be as cute as he/she is in Mom's tummy! Plus, I love those "big" ones more than ever, Cecilie has the legs I've craved for 54 years!

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