Monday, October 8, 2007

Enjoying Indian Summer

We went to a state park yesterday, for a last summery hurray
The diva on the people towel (the people of El Salvador...)Lars has become quite inseparable from his trucks; this is cute until nap/night time -depending on where play has taken place you need a tractor / life guard to navigate his bed...
The obligatory baby burial
Normally this is Maryland's largest waterfall, after a dry dry summer it has become the tallest trickle of water
Made for some fun sliding though... (especially since the lake was too low, I would guess 9 ft (2.5m) below normal, which made it impossible to swim in it - Lars got stuck in the mud to his crotch trying...)
So, did you have a good time...?
After having worked hard on them all summer long, she's finally mastered the monkey bars, pretty good for a girl that has just turned five...

(Note for the pedantic: these were shot with my mum's camera - she hasn't quite figured out the date settings it would seem...)

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