Thursday, January 4, 2007

Potty Time

Lars has been standing naked in front of the grownup toilet purposefully, yelling 'me Daddy! me Daddy!' So we dragged the little potty down from the attic, just to sort of humor him.

Well lo & behold, Lars has mastery of the old 'stop n' start' method, and his greatest joy before bathtime is to pee 3 drops, look down to check it out, and then run circles around the bathroom proudly whilst we all cheer for him. He then runs back to pee another 3 drops, and do the whole victory dance again. We do this about 6 times in a row before we all get bored and throw him in the tub.

Cecilie is SO encouraging - she gives him huge hugs every time he does his 3 drops and brought a GIANT stack of books into the bathroom for him to peruse while he practices sitting. (This was all that was required for our book worm to potty train: 26 books later, she was bound to produce something!) So far, Lars won't stay on the potty long enough to get through one page, much less one book.

So I am quite convinced that this is a fleeting novelty, and if we got serious about it he'd lose all interest. So we'll let the potty sit there, and let him do his victory dance when he feels like it. But he IS hilarious.

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eileen said...

go lars go!

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