Wednesday, January 3, 2007

New Years Resolutions

What was yours?

Calling home is my big one. But one that I think is more worth sharing is to start giving to charity again. Due to financial constraints I am going to start carefully but I have found my first project: The Delmarva Photo Big Year

Jim Brighton is going to try to take photographs of 700 species of birds, mammals, reptiles & amphibians, butterflies, dragonflies, and damselflies found on the Delmarva Peninsula (that would be the peninsula DELaware MARyland and VirginiA share between them; a place Jim calls home, and the rest of us call the Eastern Shore, or just "The Beach").

While he spend his (NOT YOUR) money on getting around to the bird watching sites, he has asked that you make a pledge to the
American Bird Conservancy to save the Junin Grebe from extinction. Big industry, government and meaner (not to mention FLYING) birds are out to put an end to this bird that only can be found on one lake in Peru, for more details on the bird and its plight, check this site out...

$20, even $30 I can find, I think, and you can once more call me good ol' philanthrope.

The sweet thing is of course if all of us does that we can build them Grebe lake front condos and maybe even arm them to to blow their enemies to smithereens. (I think what they are planning is to buy the lake and protect it from development...)

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eileen said...

well your resolution puts mine to shame....Mine was to REMEMBER to put body lotion on my body after a shower. Sounds like a good cause though, Torbjorn. Your resolution, not mine, that is.

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