Monday, July 25, 2005

Speaking of action packed lives...

I think it was only a few days ago that I said I lived a rather mundane life, due mostly to poor planning this week should put an end to all of that, greetings from Las Vegas, where it is raining (if you would believe it) .

I am here at the Las Vegas Market, the hottest new in the furniture industry, with ambitions to topple High Point as THE place to meet and buy / sell furniture.

The venue is red hot, it really is a step up from High Point, but the question is if we will be able to meet more qualified buyers here than in New York or Los Angeles... jury 's still out, got to suck it in and talk to more people (networking, my favorite;)

Last night I stayed in the very "old Las Vegas" Four Queens. Made me think of a time a long time ago in the middle of my hayday of gambling when I won $400 at the Golden Nugget across the street (I am still in the black on the aggregate); here's to Rangvald, Paal and Thomas for the best roadtrip in history.

I doubt I will have time to make it to the strip this time, miles of floor to walk before I am taking the red-eye back, tomorrow I am seeing Peter and Brad (and possibly Jim), then we are completing the house purchase on Wednesday, before we have our anneversary on Thursday and I head up to Cape Cod on the weekend after seeing Claire's play and possibly wedging in Chelsea v. DC United at FedEx field.

A regular international (more "national" I suppose) man of mystery...

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