Friday, July 22, 2005

Other people's action packed life

While Amanda and Peter gets to send out emails about how they are OK in spite of terrorist attacks in London, I spend most of my working time in the basement and sometimes have the feeling that even if the Russkeis should nuke DC I would just come up after an attack brush some dust of my shoulders and get on with my very mundane life.

This morning I got an email from Jon Endre (my brother) about his new job as a financial adviser at Fokus Bank's flagship "store" in Oslo, he's NOT too impressed about his email address ("JONI", how do you get there from his name?) and he wanted to know about shirts and suits which he now needs a few of, so I replied with my standard advice: and got on my merry way.

Heading for the headlines next, it turns out that his bank was held up shortly after he sent his email. I got this stinging feeling that maybe I should have written some sentimental stuff in that email too, at least tell him I love him. His cell phone is turned off, so now I AM panicking, and call dad... "Oh, you've found out already!" (still being blown away by this new technology, my dad) I'm told, "he's fine, he was in 'the line of fire' if that's what you can call it when you are being held up with toy guns. What they got away with we don't know, but he is fine!"

So there you are, he is fine, and I am really glad that I managed to tell him that at Brooks Brothers you can get 100% cotton non-iron shirts, sized by arm length and neck width (another thing to add to my top 10 list about living in America), because that means he can actually make use of this very important information.

I suppose it is a little bit ironic that today Washington seems to be the most peaceful place (from our list) we could choose to live (some severe knocking on wood going on in the background...)

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Anonymous said...

and during all that i am just painting the bathroom ... ha the joys of unemployement !

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