Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Good ideas, catching like wildfires

So, here we are, the Nilsens in the USA...

We recognize a good thing when we see it and when Eileen introduced us to blogger.com it took a 4 second family conference to move and pass that we would do our own.

Shameless, we know, but SO MUCH FUN.

This is this summer's official family picture, it was taken in May, when the Schneider clan met up in Charlston to celebrate Grampa's 60th. Lars has grown a lot since then, and lost most of his hair, like daddy!

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hezro said...

Did you always have your archives up? I vaguely recall looking for them once and not seeing them...but then...me not think so clearly anymore. Anyway, I've been poking around looking at old posts. It's so cool to see how these blogs evolve. :) Love it!

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