Monday, April 19, 2010

Judging a Boob by its Cover

I go to this exercise class at Crazy O'Clock in the morning.  I love it, because it's different every time I go, I get the workout out of the way early in my day, and I get to catch up with friends from all over town.

But one of the best things about it is the total lack of 'posing' that goes on.  There is no such thing as the right outfit to wear - you see everything from the latest Saucony running shoes to those Reebok high-tops straight out of 1986, and you see as many worn-out concert tees as you do high-tech wicking material running shirts.  Even the strongest in the bunch never really stand out from the crowd - we're all just there to get a good sweat going and shock the muscles out of the night's hibernation.

There have been a lot of newcomers in recent weeks (bathing suit season, anyone??), and one woman has stood out in particular.  I overheard her at one of her first visits telling the instructor she'd run a marathon in the last year, but was recovering from some injury. You can tell she's incredibly fit:  front of the pack whenever we run sprints,  all manner of high end workout gear, and, well... she's really built.

It may be indelicate to mention this, probably not the 'done' thing, but the woman is remarkably fit, in all the right ways. Very.... perky. 

Normally I wouldn't mention this.  I would just think, oh well done for her!  Must be nice.  She must've worked hard to look like that.  

But then, last week, she wore a t-shirt to work out that had a giant Juvederm Botox logo stretched across the front of all that perkiness.  And I have to admit I looked at the 'well earned fitness' in a whole different light.

 I was judging.  Sure.  Believe me - having just hit thirty-seven I am starting to look at 'having a little work done' in a WHOLE different light.   But still.  Would I be ok with advertising that to a whole room-full of sweaty women?

It got me thinking.  These days, are we really ok with just slapping an ad for our Botox treatments across our boobs? (Did she get the shirt, and a free canvas tote bag, for buying 10 treatments in advance?) It may be that a suburb of Baltimore is a whole different part of the world than the OC, for example, but I need to know, interwebs:  is having the work done not really the secret it once was?

Just know I'll be judging you if you wear the t-shirt to Boot Camp.

[Aw, c'mon - I'm just joshin'.  Not really, I won't.]

Post Update:  I just have to clarify that it's not that I think she's used Botox in all of the perky parts of her.  Its just that the unashamed advertising of Botox then led me to wonder how much of the overall picture had been 'enhanced.'  Perhaps an alternate title of this post could be Sour Grapes. ;)


Cheryl said...

Well, I'm guessing her boobs were more silicon or saline or whatever they're using these days. There are TONS of people who do botox out here. I'm just not into sticking botulism in me, you know? I would say it's not a secret at all. In fact, it's probably more of a status thing out here in The OC. Then again, the woman could just be a salesperson for botox and got it for free. Ask her if she uses botox. If she looks surprised, then she's not!

kirsten said...

yeah Cheryl - agree that the Botox shirt prob has nothing to do with overall perkiness of body, but I guess I was trying to say that by wearing a shirt like that, you're giving people cause to look at *ALL* of you thru a different lens.

As a cousin of mine pointed out, I'm prob just jealous. LOL!

hezro said...

I think there definitely has been a shift in society's thinking. In the past you did that sort of think in the sneak. Now you're a frump if you don't. :) (I'm a frump.)

Crafty Girls Workshop said...

Hi Kirsten,
I'm stopping by to say hi from SITS. I would just say that you are far above everyone else if you're willing to get up at Crazy O'Clock and GO to a workout class! And I always just thought botox was for making faces look better, I didn't think it applied to other areas of the body. Oh well. Thanks for the interesting post.


kirsten said...

thanks for stopping by Anna! Have to say this isn't my usual type of post, but the craziest stuff runs through my mind. :)

I did go back & update to say that I understand she doesn't get that fit-looking thru Botox, but just that wearing a shirt like that leads one to wonder about what other 'enhancements' the individual might've embraced.

Maybe I just wish I could do it. LOL!

Hagler Happenings said...

Too funny!
I'm visiting from SITS... I noticed it was your 1st role call. Welcome!

Diane said...

i wonder if people reacted the same way with orthodontics when it was first done. I'm satisfied to age "not quite as gracefully as I would like" but i do have to ask myself if i had the money if i would do a face lift or a few other little things to enhance what god gave me. oh well...moot point there ain't no money there for such vanity.

Jen C said...

I'm not judging, just sayin'

Anonymous said...

From: Maria Rosenquist - I do think attitudes are changing. My boss recently had a boob job and before she had it done she was very excited to tell me and our small team about it. I thought that was interesting but it went even further when, in a big meeting with all of our agencies present, she decided to announce the impending operation to everyone. And this is in England! I think for her it had partly to do with being a succesful single woman and being able to afford something like that. She also happens to be gymntastic so she will most definitely be sporting her new look in some lycra!

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