Monday, January 11, 2010

When I Was Two...

I was nearly new. [A.A. Milne's Now We Are Six]

Except, not the same as brand-spankin' new.  No, at two I am in turns hilarious, sassy, kind, sweet, silly, outrageous, jealous, capricious, angry, and delightful.

Thought I'd share a few photos from Annika's last 24 hours with you...

First night in her new bed

At breakfast, showing us her 'oweeee'

Right, well that's me dressed for the day, then.

Oh well if you insist, I'll go a bit posh for you before I scrub up this kitchen

After-nap protest of big brother's burgeoning photography career

After-dinner Dance Show in our brand-new leotard and Valentines tights


Anonymous said...

from maria: oh she is such a cutesy girl! rye got a single bed recently too - he just loves it!

hezro said...

That was a special poem for me when I was a kid. Every year my Dad would add a verse for me to get it going. I have a taped together and much loved copy of that book with numerous hand-written verses in the back.

And in the meantime, Annika is absolutely adorable.

I've been wondering when Kardynn will switch to the crib. The others had all done it by necessity around the age of 18 mos, I think. (Kiersten because she started climbing out.) Kardynn doesn't show any signs of crawling out anytime soon at nearly two so that's promising.

Aliza said...

Leo has that very same bed!!!! I love it! What a sweet family you have...

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