Thursday, June 26, 2008

Bumper stickers

...this literal way of wearing your beliefs on your sleeve may be fairly uniquely American, and I find it quaint and charming most of the time, but this week it really boiled over for me.

Largely the propensity for this expression is found on the political and religious fringes (not counting mainstream political campaigns and proud parents) below is some recent "favorites" I have come across:
"Barak HUSSEIN Obama for president - are you fucking kidding me?"
"Only half the people who go into an abortion clinic come out alive
"My dog is smarter than your president"
"My Other Car is a Broom"
"Focus on your own damn family"

Thursday night we watch the news and one of the stories is about the government housing manager of a neighboring county, who has been caught on camera with this little gem of a bumper sticker: "If you can't feed them, don't breed them".

The next day on my commute the camel's back was broken by the straw of being cut off...

I must let you know, cutting off, and being cut off, is a relatively common occurrence in my 100 miles per day commute. What really had me hacked off was that this wasn't just your regular dopey hippie "oops, I didn't see you..." kind of cut off, this was a "I am going to drive on the shoulder as far as I can and then cut you off..." cut off..., and then there was the bumper sticker: Choose Civility

I fully support the public' right to use bumper stickers as a proclamation of one's values, and I have even become accustomed to being cut off by cars with WWJD and Jesus fish stickers (after all he was all about forgiveness...), but when you put it out there as an explicit statement like that...!!!

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