Tuesday, June 3, 2008

About a Boy

It's great to have the testosterone around here, really it is.

One morning Lars retired to the W.C. for some meditation time, and I was summoned to help him you know, clean up.

I walk in the bathroom, and he proudly points:
"Look at my thousands of poops Mom!"
"wow, bud"
"Yeah, but they're not really in a mountain like usual. They're more in a swirly line, like train tracks..."

Good to know. Glad he's thinking about these things.

And lest we think they grow out of this: yesterday evening we had some friends for a bbq in the backyard. Lars needed a pee, and we encouraged him to find the nearest tree. He chose the very nearest one (of course) so all were party to the ah, performance.

Dad A: woah, look at that arc!
Dad B: yeah, that really was high, wasn't it?
Dad B, laughing: yeah, very impressive.
Mom A (wife of Dad A): are we seriously talking about his pee?
Dad A: yeah.
Mom A: huh. it's just that really, in a 100 years, I would never talk about someone's peeing with my girlfriends.
Dad A: well you know, its not about the pee. Its about the ABILITY.


torbjorn said...

Hey, since when were I relegated to "Dad B" - is it a reflection of my parenting skillz, I wonder...

kirsten said...

hey. names were changed to protect the innocent: you're the one assigning reflections!

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