Saturday, February 9, 2008

The Brother File

Here's our jack in the box; he's getting so big and really good with words...
...but sometimes he resort to growling, on one such occasion last week Kirsten asked "Why can't you use your words Lars?" and the answer was resoundingly: "Because my moth was just too full..." -full of beans we presume
Here is frown (as opposed to a growl) that really seemed to impress Annika! But typically he is an exceptionally sweet boy, if Cecilie pushes him around too much, or she doesn't quite "get it", his most used phrase is: "Helloooo sister, wake up!"
Being left alone and watching some TV in hand knitted jacket, this time from Farfar!

1 comment:

L-A said...

Ha ha! Love the frown pic - I think Annika's expression sums it up best ;^)

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