Friday, March 3, 2006

Pancake Day, French Style

Tuesday was Pancake Day, of course, which is not celebrated here in the US. But it got me thinking about many fine Pancake Day celebrations with the Berkshire Massive, and one member of the massive came to mind in particular - the lovely Frenchie, Gildas.

Maker of a mean pancake or two, as well as many other culinary delights, Mr LePallec was always game for a celebration that involved some cooking.

So in honor of our dear friend G, we drank some Cotes du Rhone, and ate a creme brulee. Here's to you Gildas, wherever you are...

(Now, has everyone given something up for Lent?)


torbjorn said...

Oh, some low fat LePallec cuisine, what the world needs now!

torbjorn said...

Coffee, only to get me going in the morning (none after 6.30 is the trend...)

Linda said...

I'm glad I don't do Lent in my religion. ;o)

Gasmeter said...

My latest diet crashed and burned just as Lent started.

So I thought at the very least I could give up chocolate bars and crisps for Lent.

Thus I'm not going to be so magnanimous towards my niece THIS year, when she can't find the Easter eggs in my mother's garden.

Amanda said...

I've sort of randomly decided to give up dairy products, which just happens to coincide with Lent, so does that count?

Gildas said...

I am giving up good intentions.
message to all of you in the washington DC area... on the 15th on march go see The national in concert at the black cat.
they are just superb ! and I should know I have seen them at least 10 times.
Go, Go, Go, and say Hi to Bryce for me.

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