Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Snow Day 2011

If you live anywhere east of the Mississippi, you've heard about the snow blanketing us in the mid-Atlantic region. And those of you west of the Mississippi can't have missed all the chatter on Facebook/Twitter/smoke signals. (Huh, that's funny, I have the most distinct memory of typing that exact phrase last winter. Yep, that's because I did, right here.)

That post last winter was all about how the mom of the house doesn't ever quite get through the door, into the snow.  She stands in the doorframe, gearing kids up in snow clothes, handing out the camera, never actually stepping foot into the drifts.

This year is different.  The kids are eight, six and three.  (Three!!!) Big sister gets herself sorted out, and even helps Annika find mittens.  Lars does just fine, as long as I'm not picky about zipped jackets or matching gloves.  Annika... well.  She IS three, so getting dressed always involves some drama, but even more important is hanging with the big kids, so the motivation is there.

This morning, they were all out & in the snow before 7.30.  No lie. I shut the door, sighed, and went to fill my coffee cup.

Early morning snow man

But wait - if they're all out there, surely... I should be? 

Once upon a time I liked to play in the snow.  Once upon a time I would throw myself on a toboggan with abandon, scrape together a snow fort with my brothers, make giant batches of snow ice cream.  When was that? How long has it been?

I honestly can't remember the last time I played in the snow.  Sometime in the late 90s I borrowed a snazzy one-piece snowsuit from my mother in law in Norway (where snowclothes aren't optional.)  My brothers-in-law barely hid their snickers. (I'll see if I can find the snapshot. Maybe.)  But before then?  I am only remembering a ski trip in 7th grade.  To which I wore jeans and a Rossignol ski jacket.

Ok fine, you talked me into it.  Norway c1996, ski suit c1976.   aka Barbie Goes Nordic.

So that's it then.  Time to find a jacket that will seal around the cuffs, find boots that are more function than fashion, find waterproof mittens.  It's time to go out and play. Because I want to be the mom that plays.  I want to be the mom that shows my kids how to hurl themselves onto a toboggan.

Best quote from Modern Family tonight?  "You can't have two fun parents.  That's a carnival."  Bring on the freakshow and the clowns.  Carnival it is, and I'm buying the outfit.

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