Friday, July 10, 2009

I want

Sometimes you come across a blog where the author lays out in front of you every single solitary word that you would have wanted to have in YOUR post that day.

There are a good number of blogs that I read, but Heather of the Extraordinary Ordinary is one I seem to return to more and more regularly. I came across this post of hers, talking about her heart's desires, and my oh my: does she really know that I want all of those things? Surely I am the only one who wants so much, and yet struggles to be content with all that I have?

So. Go ahead & read Heather's blog today - you can thank me later. Meanwhile I'll continue wanting - most of all wanting contentment, and working to find it. More on that - from me - later.

photo from Flikr Group Lake Sunapee NH

1 comment:

Heather of the EO said...

WHY, thank you! :)

I'm so glad that post resonated with people because it was one of those that I hesitated on...thinking over whether or not I should push publish.

So thank you for the shout out. It means much.

Peace (and contentment),

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