Thursday, May 14, 2009

This child is my spawn?

I'm on a bit of a writer's high, after being published *for the very first time*!! You can see the article in Classic Play, a cracking bit of online publishing from EllieBellieKids. So while my brain (and my notebooks) fills with good ideas to maintain the high, I thought I'd bring you just a few of Cecilie's best moments over the last week or so.

Chatting up some new neighbors: "I was born in England. That's why I speak a lot of English."

With Mommy, on a quiet Saturday afternoon at home: "You don't have to work next weekend either? Hooray! That's TWO whole weekends of laughter and fun!" [make sure you read this with a tone of breathless delight in your head]

After losing her fifth tooth, her eye tooth this time. She is a little grossed out by the 'tooth falling out' process, and has to sever the final thread herself. A little tearily, she examines the admittedly tiny piece of dental memorabilia and exclaims "well! It surely is a baby tooth!"

In the car, we stop at a traffic light, in front of a rather nice home on a street we don't normally traverse. In the back seat I hear "Oh, I long to live in that house, every time I pass by it." [Me: Do you really?] "Well, no. Not really. I just think it's a nice house."

This evening, when asked to do Clean Up Time after dinner: "Mommy, 'Cecilie' does not go well with 'clean up time.' I think 'Catherine' goes better." [when I recover from the whole non-sequiter element of her comment, I guess it has to do with letter sounds - "oh, is that because Catherine is a hard 'C' instead of a soft 'C' like Cecilie?] "No, I really just don't like to clean."

She is an absolute delight. She is. We just have no idea where she came from.


hezro said...

First of all, I love your article. My dad was a wonderful storyteller and I have such fond memories of sitting around listening to his stories.

Secondly, I love the Cecelie-isms. I love the way her mind works. :) It's wonderful that you're keeping track of these things. I know she'll treasure them someday - especially since she's been taught to appreciate her lore.

hezro said...

How about Cecilie-isms. (Ugh! Hate when I misspell things . . . which, sadly, is a fairly regular occurrence even with the help of spellcheck.)

eileen said...

keep 'em coming

kirsten said...

Heather - thanks for your kind comments. I know Cecilie will be the storyteller around here: the big mystery is whether she will be able to get the other 2 to listen to her. :)

Eileen - they are never ending. That is merely a week's worth. You know how I used to joke abt TORBJORN being cheap entertainment?? It's a whole new generation.

It's Lisa, y'all said...

Congrats on getting your writings published! That is so BIG TIME! I'm thrilled for you! Although all your friends love reading your blog, it's great when strangers agree!

Glad the rest of the world will get to know you, too!


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