Monday, March 23, 2009

Cecilieism's, she's not too old (yet)

Cecilie was all geared up about getting outside to play on Sunday, so she ran upstairs after church to change in to play clothes - she didn't come down as soon as I expected so I went upstairs to check and when I got into her room she was crying...

Dad: What is going on Cecilie?
C: I can't find any short sleeved shirts ANYWHERE daddy!
D: It's OK my girl, you can just put on this one (waving a a 3/4 length shirt in the air in front of her) and run out...
C: (Wailing) BUT IT IS NOT A T-SHIRT!!!!!!!!
D: Oh, I know, if we BOTH cry really hard one might find us.
C: Daddy, I really don't appreciate it when you are sarcasmic!

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