Thursday, January 8, 2009

The Kids Shoot

The very best bonus for being part of Dave's photo shoot was that he threw in some gorgeous photos of the kids. He really manages to distill who they are, at that very moment:

Annika, 11 months

Cecilie at 6
Lars: 3 and a half, and all boy

The all-time best photo of these 2, EVAH.

That's my Larsie...

Quite like that look, we do. Consider us charter members of the Dave K. Cooper Photography Fan Club! Somebody get this man on retainer, quick, before he makes the big time & none of us can afford him.


Amanda said...

Tell Dave he can borrow Scarlett as a model ANY time...those photos are gorgeous! Lucky you.

Anonymous said...

Well, it seems there is some controversy about the "best EVAH", I quite like all of them but the one above it is perhaps my fave. No matter, all three children come under Auntie's "favorite" radar, I do enjoy them so much! Would Dave like to vacation in Ohio? Oh, wait, I don't have many photo ops here with house OR children at the moment!

Camilla said...

Gorgeous! (The kids and the photographs:)
I would suggest a trip to Norway:)

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