Thursday, August 28, 2008

As long as they don't know its boring...

Found myself pontificating last night on the utter asininity of the show Wife Swap. (Those who know me well will be acquainted with my pathological need to speak in declaratives.)

Me: It's so extreme, Torbjorn! I mean, where do they get these families?? For example, the poor children tonight in that one family, they 'live simply' and so they're all green and artsy, and the dad reads stories from Herodotus at bedtime. And get this - their children's idea of a game is to go outside and beat rocks with golf clubs! And call it Breaking Crystals!
-long pause-
T: Um. Cecilie & I were doing that last weekend, Kir. But its cool, 'cause we used a hammer.
Me: oh.

So there you go. Watch for me on Wife Swap. You know, if they're looking for another Simple Living kinda family.

1 comment:

Lady C said...

I got offered to be on that terrible show a few years ago. Seriously! I couldn't shout NO loud enough!

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