Tuesday, March 25, 2008

The Walk of Shame

So last weekend, we're at Costco, doing the suburban family thang. I pass this mom - pretty, thin, 2 cute well-behaved boys (3ish and 5ish) - and absentmindedly clock the contents of her basket: Amy's Organic Veggie burritos, organic eggs, organic milk, big bag of carrots... you get the picture. In the 2 seconds it took me to pass her, with my own basket of cranky, whiny kids, I clearly remember thinking "huh, she's just like me, only better."

Cut to 45 mins later, and the whole family is sitting in the food court, eating our pizza. We hear this ear-splitting screaming even before we can see who it's coming from. Then, straight out of the checkouts, with apparently no food purchased, I see Mrs Pretty Thin Organic Mom dragging the 5 yr old by one arm, and pinning the other one into the basket to keep him from flipping out sideways, and they are hollering. To get out of the store, she has to pass the entire food court, and all eyes are on her.

I meet Torbjorn's glance over our kids' heads: we are laughing (although with deep empathy) and say at the same time: "ooooh, the Walk of Shame...."

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