Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Sunday Morning with 3-wk old Annika

Cecilie was supposed to be getting dressed and ready to go to the Baltimore Aquarium, but got distracted in the baby's room by castles and stuffed 'aminals' and princesses, Oh My!

At least she's dressed, but baby holding is much more fun than combing hair
Well fine let's just pile up all these wild Nilsens. I have a feeling we'll be seeing some version of this picture for many years to come...
King of his castle, and if he's lucky he gets to play with the princesses on the top table (most often when Sister is at school!)
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L-A said...

Nice nursery - is the crib metal or wood?

kirsten said...

thanks - it was Cecilie's room, and now she & Lars are sharing. But we've had a hard time finding a 'my own space' area, so she was allowed to keep her castle in the baby's room.

Crib's wood, we got it from Target for $100 and love it.

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