Monday, May 7, 2007

The case for Facebook

This one started as an Email to Todd Rosenquist and has now been "transformed" in to a Group on Facebook, I like...

All respect to all the kids for putting together this Facebook thing, but listen: facebook schmacebook... the kids think they can have it all to themselves, forget about it!

Facebook is perfect for everyone, just because you can remember a time when a mobile phone fit the entire trunk (or was that "boot") of a car, and when super cool computers had 64kb of memory doesn't mean you need to be shy about setting up a profile and spreading the love...

I like it because I can hook up with people I haven't seen since before the first Gulf war (and when I say hook up I don't think I mean "hook up" in the way that the kids mean hook up; and "poking", what in the world is that?), so that's the networking part, then there is the "plug in my blog in to the profile" part, which means my friends and family can get the news they need / want, and finally there is the restricted part, which means I can control who sees what, which is nice. Posting videos and photos is also nice, you know. I like.

What do you like?

Then of course it is the theory that says that CIA owns it all, which means that if we are just thoughtful and funny enough we might get offered a job there soon (my Skull and Bones membership surely didn't do it for me, talk about time and money out the window...).

There is also the inevitability that the kids themselves will grow up, pretty soon they will all be grown-ups - and they too will join this group - this is really a no brainer folks...

All is indeed well, and so much better now that we have Facebook in our life.

Oh, the group:

And if you are note a member yet, don't dawdle and drag behind - my parents didn't get a computer until they were in their sixties, but heck yeah, they are facebook members!

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Anonymous said...

is anyone else confused?

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