Sunday, April 15, 2007

Cecilie Classic

Daddy at Sunday dinner: You guys know what? You are my favorite family in the world.
Cecilie [in a grumpy tone, under her breath]: Well I hope we're the only one.

At this, Mum & Dad look at each other to check that we really heard what we thought we heard. Then we bust a gut laughing incredulously. Torbjorn runs around the dinner table to hug Cecilie, and from the depths of his arms she smiles shyly and says "I knock your socks off, huh?"

Just when we thought she was turning into a regular four and a half year old...


eileen said...

she's something special

Anonymous said...

How could you EVER think she is a REGULAR 4 1/2-yr-old? Remember what I told you when she was the ONLY grandchild!

Gasmeter said...

At Tyler's 4th birthday party this weekend, Sasha presented the boys with plastic swords.

Tyler is VERY fierce in the attack.

When Charlie got whacked by Tyler's errant blade on the back of the head and started wailing, Sasha immediately found he had to go and get something from the shops.

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