Sunday, December 4, 2005

Lars In a Dress, or A Good Reason for a Party

In the Presbyterian tradition, it all starts with baby baptism. This
occasioned the purchase of Lars' first (and presumably only) long white gown to wear to church, and involved a lot of to-do in preparing the Schneider manse for a fete in honor of the young prince. Cecilie & her Daddy were in charge of Xmas tree decoration, Grandma was in charge of the catering, Grandpa was in charge of building a roaring fire, and Mommy.... well, Mommy was in charge of trying to find something, anything, to wear for the occasion. (The story of an entire day off spent at the mall instead of with my kids is too tragic to be retelling).

But I'm getting ahead of our story. The point is that Lars Bjorn Nilsen was welcomed into the family of Christ at Georgetown Presbyterian Church (the same church we were married in), and he was a superstar. He didn't mind the whole dress issue, didn't mind being held by the minister (or "priestess" as one of our guests preferred to refer to her:), and even met the drops of water on the forehead with equanimity.

By all accounts, the most touching part of the ceremony was the trip around the sanctuary that the minister took with Lars, to show off the new member and introduce him to The Family.

As with all major milestones in one's life, there were lots of friends & family around to celebrate, lots of good food, one or two tantrums, and of course another fashion show (audience numbers are steadily increasing and the show now includes several seasonal monologues). A wonderful way to keep the holiday season going!


Jon Endre said...

I am so happy I got that fashion show thing started! Just a pleasure to help you. Needing some other brilliant idea for entertainment, just give me a ring (as in telephone)

Amanda said...

Looks like a good time was had by all. Did Jack fly over specially for the occasion?

torbjorn said...

With Jon in Iraq, Kiersten and Jack has been here for a couple of weeks already and will not be heading home until January.

Thomas Müller said...

Tillykke ... Det så hyggeligt ud!

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