Thursday, February 11, 2010

The Snowy Day

Someone commented to me on Facebook this week: Now admit it -- aren't you just in awe of your sense of timing? Two major snowstorms smack in the middle of "No TV month?"

True confession: the very first thought in my head on Tuesday morning - in the midst of the second blizzard - was 'what's a graceful way around the no TV rule, so I can let them watch all morning?'

My innate obstinance got the better of me, and I refused to crack. I just kept telling myself that we'd gotten this far, and surely it was foolhardy to back down now. But still, the long cold blustery winter days stretched long and dark ahead of me, and I will absolutely cop to feeling many wavering moments. As all of us know, however, you have to hide this ambiguity, because if the children sniff out your doubt, they will surely pounce with great force and furious whining.

So. This is what a snow day without TV looks like in 2010.

Morning spent in Valentines crafting activities :  above, our results. Below, our process.

Tea with extra sugar

Shoveling with Dad

Working out with mom

Reading without mom. (Without mom!!!!!!! tear...sniff...)

Nighttime party with neighbors

Jedi with light saber

the house is a wreck, the sink piled high with dishes. But happy tired kids, a dusty television, and a resolution intact. I'll put that in the success column.

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Anonymous said...

I enjoyed every word, every picture. Your kids will have the greatest memories ever of time spent with two interesting and resourceful parents.

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